Our Mission

The White House News Photographers Association is dedicated to promoting, protecting and advancing the interests and intellectual property rights of its members which still consists of still and video photographers assigned to cover the White House and other news events in Washington and beyond.

We strongly believe in the public’s natural and legal right to freedom in searching for the truth and the right to be accurately and completely informed about the world in which we live.

Our Vision

We believe that there is a direct linkage between the survival of a democratic society and an accurate and free press. Members of the WHNPA maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in serving the public interest, which includes truth, accuracy and fairness. Our images strive to be objective and independent.

Member Education

The White House News Photographers Association holds quarterly membership meetings to benefit our members. Topics include grant winners showing their work, new product demonstrations by our sponsors and panel discussions to educate the wider community. We offer ongoing educational programs on copyright and intellectual property, and workshops to teach new ways of presenting work through multimedia. With our student contest and programming we aim to stimulate and encourage interest in photography, either as a future career or as a hobby.

The WHNPA Project Grant

This annual $5,000 grant has been established for a member to work on an in-depth project of his or her own choosing that might not be possible without financial assistance.

The WHNPA Seminar Grant

This semiannual grant of $250 allows a member to defray the cost of attending a continuing education seminar or to help cover expenses associated with presenting a seminar.

The WHNPA Lecture Grant

This semiannual grant of $250 allows a member to travel to his or her alma mater to share work experiences and speak about photojournalism in the nation’s capitol.

Annual Contests

Our members continually generate remarkable world-changing images while on assignment and the annual WHNPA ‘Eyes of History’ contests, held since 1941, celebrate our members’ creativity and competitive spirit in the still, video and multimedia disciplines.

The Executive Board
The White House News Photographers Association is led by an executive board and guided by its members. The board is comprised of four officers and six representatives from the still and video communities within the WHNPA. The WHNPA also employs an Executive Director.

President – Whitney Shefte, The Washington Post
Vice President – Jim Bourg, Reuters
Treasurer – Jon Elswick, The Associated Press
Secretary – Jessica Kocielniak, McClatchy

Still Representatives

Jonathan Earnst, Reuters
Carol Guzy, Freelance
Pablo Martinez Monsivias, The Associated Press

Video Representatives

Janet Weinstein, ABC News
David Postovit, Hearst
Whitney Leaming, The Washington Post

Ex officio

Ron Sachs, Consolidated News Photos

Executive Director

Heidi Elswick

The White House News Photographers Association has several committees with responsibilities ranging from grant distribution, contest organization, soliciting sponsorships and more. These committees are lead by WHNPA members and are composed of volunteers.
Still Photography Contest Committee

Chair – Andrew Harnik, The Associated Press

Video Contest Committee

Co-Chair – Pege Gilgannon
Co-Chair – Doug Wilkes, WTTG-TV

New Media Contest Committee

Chair – Pierre Kattar, Freelance

Student Contest Committee

Co-Chair, Stills – Al Drago, The New York Times
Co-Chair, Video – Bethany Swain, Freelance

Education Committee

Chair – Pablo Martinez Monsivais, The Associated Press

Dinner Committee

Co-Chairs – John Harrington and Molly Riley

Sponsorship Committee

Chair – Dennis Brack, Black Star

Legal Representation
Legal Counsel

James Lorin Silverberg, Esq., The Intellectual Property Group, PLLC